1. Why do I get spam email after registering a domain name?

    After registering a domain you may find you receive some spam emails to the email address you’ve used to register your domain. In this article we explain why this happens. When you register your domain name, your personal information including name, address, phone number and email address are stored in a public database called WHOIS. The WHOIS database provides a record of who owns which domain name and it’s used in disputes when there are multiple claims to a single domain. Every domain name is required to have a up-to-date WHOIS record. These details are submitted automatically by and every

  2. Do you support DNSSEC?

    At this time we do not support DNSSEC, including the creation of RRSIG, DNSKEY and DS records.

  3. How do I add or change MX records for my domain?

    This article explains how to add or change MX records for your domain name and point your domain at your own custom email service. Add a MX Record Log in to your Dashboard. Click Domains Click the domain name you want to manage. Click Domain Tools > DNS Management Click Add Record To create a new TXT record for your domain name fill in the fields: Type: Select MX from the drop-down list Priority – The priority of the MX record. e.g. 5 or 10 Destination – The MX record value. e.g ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM or mail.example.com Click Add Record Edit a

  4. Do you charge to transfer domains away?

    At we like to keep customers by offering excellent service and value, not by restrictions or penalties. We don’t charge to transfer domains away from us. If you purchased your domain using one of our special offers, you maybe required to pay any difference between the registration price and the discounted price. We do this to make sure our offers are not misused. Please see our special offer terms and conditions at time of purchase for further details.