Learn how to use your cPanel web hosting. Get help using your cPanel control panel, updating your cPanel web hosting settings and troubleshooting your cPanel hosting.

  1. How-to load PHP modules on your cPanel hosting

    How-to choose and run additional custom php modules on your DomainsFoundry cPanel web hosting. Select your PHP version and load extra PHP modules for your web apps in cPanel control panel.

  2. How to Connect Remotely to MySQL

    You can access and administer your MySQL databases on your hosting service from remote locations. To access a MySQL database you’ll need to add your current IP address to the Remote MySQL Access list in cPanel. How to set up remote MySQL access Log in to cPanel. For help accessing your cPanel see Where do I log in to my hosting control panel. Click Remote MySQL. Enter the IP address you want to allow access to your MySQL databases into the Host field. For example, Add a comment so you know what the IP address was for, for example,