1. Supported browsers

    DomainsFoundry services are targeted at evergreen browsers. You can use DomainsFoundry on the latest versions of the following browsers: Chrome Firefox Edge Safari Compatible operating systems include: Windows 11 – Edge Android – Chrome MacOS / iOS – Safari Please note any browser you use must have cookies and JavaScript turned on. Troubleshooting sign-in errors To help protect your account, DomainsFoundry will stop you signing in from some browsers. DomainsFoundry might stop sign-ins from browsers that: Do not support JavaScript or have JavaScript turned off. Do not support cookies or have cookies turned off. Have unsecure or unsupported extensions added.

  2. Email Account Security

    At , we care deeply about securing and protecting our customers personal data. We know how important security is to our customers and helping our customers secure their email account from hackers and bad actors is a key part of our customer experience. Consequently all our services are built around strong security. Here are some of the security measures we use, and advice we encourage you to follow, to keep your email account secure; Protect Your Email Password The most important way of keeping your email account secure is to protect your email password. You must never disclose your email

  3. How to Force HTTPS Redirect in cPanel

    Force HTTPS Redirection in cPanel lets you quickly and easily redirect your website visitors to the secure, https, version of your website in just one click. Enabling Force HTTPS Redirect will redirect all your domains, including alias and addon domains, which are secured by SSL on your web hosting account to the https version of your website. Please note, we include free SSL certificates powered by Let’s Encrypt for all domains you add to your web hosting packages. Steps to enable Force HTTPS Redirect in cPanel Log in to cPanel. For help accessing your cPanel see Where do I log

  4. Connecting a Domain to Wix Using Pointing

    Connect your DomainsFoundry domain name to your Wix website using our recommended pointing option. Guides you through creating the DNS records using our free DNS tools.