Learn how to setup your email with DomainsFoundry. Setup Outlook, iPhone, Blackberry and Apple Mail. Troubleshooting email sending and receiving.

  1. Configure Calendar on iPhone and iPad

    Set up your calendar on your iPhone and iPad and share your calendar entries across webmail, MacOS and your mobile devices. On your iPhone or iPad, tap Settings Tap Calendar Tap Accounts Tap Add Account Tap Other Tap Add CalDAV Account Enter the following details: Server: Enter mail.example.com:2080, replacing example.com with your domain name. Please ensure :2080 is at the end. Username: Enter your email address, for example, info@example.com Password: Enter your email account password Description: Enter a short name, e.g Work Tap Next Tap Save

  2. iPhone or iPad Cannot Send Emails – Receiving is Fine

    Fix sending issues on your iPhone or iPad using steps below: From your iPhone or iPad home screen: Tap > Settings > Mail, Contacts Calendars Tap your email account Tap Account Tap SMTP Tap Primary Server Check the following settings: Host Name: Your package’s hostname. For example, server1.domainsfoundry.com Username: Your email address. For example, info@example.com Password: Your email account password. Use SSL: On (Toggle is Green) Authentication Password Server Port 587 Tap Done Tap the back arrow at the top left Tap Done Press the Home button to finish