SpamAssassin is an advanced junk email filter which uses a wide range of tests to identify and stop spam email.

SpamAssassin is currently available on all DomainsFoundry Shared Hosting Plans.

How-to enable SpamAssassin

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Click Spam Assassin™
  3. Click Enable SpamAssassin

Automatically delete spam

Click Auto-Delete Spam

SpamAssassin will automatically delete any emails that meet or exceed the Spam Score.

  • The Spam Score is set to 5 by default.
  • Setting it to 0 will mean all emails are marked as spam
  • Setting it to 10 will mean no emails are marked as spam.

Click Disable Auto-Delete Spam to disable the automatic deletion.

Enabling the Spam Box

SpamAssassin can be set to automatically move junk emails to a seperate folder called spam.

To enable, click Enable Spam Box.

To stop moving emails marked as spam to the spam folder click Disable Spam Box.

How-to disable SpamAssassin

To disable all junk email filtering on your domain do the following:

  1. Login to cPanel using your account details under My Services.
  2. Click Spam Assassin™
  3. Click Disable SpamAssassin