Our Redirects tool allows you to send all of the visitors of a domain or particular page to a different URL.

  1. Login to your cPanel
  2. Click the Redirects button.
  3. Select Permanent (301) – permanent redirects are preferred by search engines.
  4. Select the domain you want to redirect from the drop-down list.
  5. If you want to redirect a specific page then enter the filename into the blank box to the right. Otherwise leave it empty.
  6. Enter the full URL into the Redirect To box. Include http:// or https://. For example, http://www.mydomain.com
  7. Select whether to redirect with or without www:
    • Redirect with or without www – all visitors will be redirected. We recommend this setting.
    • Only redirect with www – only visitors who type www. in front of the domain will be redirected.
    • Do Not Redirect www – only visitors who do not type www. in front the of domain will be redirected.
  8. Enable Wild Card Redirect. When wild card redirects are enabled a visitor trying to reach example1.com/pic.jpg will be redirected to example.com/pic.jpg. If you do not want this to happen then disable Wild Card Redirect.
  9. Click Add

The redirect will be activated instantly.

You can also view a video on How to Add Redirects by clicking the Video Tutorial button in DomainsFoundry cPanel.

Important Your domain must be configured to use our name servers for redirecting to work.