Multi year .uk domain name registration

You can now register .uk domain names for periods of one to ten years at a time.

Previously it was only possible to register .uk domain names for two years at a time. From today, you can now register,,, and domain names with DomainsFoundry, and select registration lengths from one to ten years. You can also renew your existing .uk domain names for up to ten years.

New multi-year .uk pricing

Please see the table below for our new multi-year .uk domain name pricing. Prices are per year and shown in British pounds (£).

TLD 1 year 2-10 years  £4.99 per year £2.99 per year  Search  £4.99 per year £3.29 per year  Search  £4.99 per year £3.29 per year  Search  £4.99 per year £4.29 per year  Search

All prices exclude VAT. See all domain pricing.

Nominet charges registrars, including Domains Foundry a small extra fee for single year registrations and this is reflected in our own single year prices. Our two year registration and renewal prices remain unchanged.

DomainsFoundry can bring you new multi-year .uk domain registration because of recent changes at Nominet, the organisation that manages .UK domains. DomainsFoundry is a Nominet member and accredited registrar.

What are the benefits?

Our new multi-year .uk domain name registrations offer you many benefits;

Save money

Registering your .uk domain names for longer means you can lock your domain names in at today’s price and protect yourself from any future prices rises.

Better flexibility

If you’re trying out a new idea or know you only need your domain for a year you can now avoid paying for extra years.

Protect your .uk domain names

You can now register or renew your .uk domain name for up to ten years, so you don’t have to worry about checking renewal notices or worrying about whether your domain has expired. Giving you that added peace of mind.

Save time

Register or renew your .uk for longer and save time spent sorting and printing invoices.

Boost sales

Registrering your .uk domain names with longer expiry dates can boost customer trust in your business. A customer checking your public domain record (WHOIS) can see how long you have registered your domains. Longer expiry dates are a clear way of showing your customers you have made a financial commitment to your business and that you expect your business to be around for some time.

Renewing .uk domains

If you have a .uk registered with DomainsFoundry your .uk domain name and have auto-renew enabled, we’ll continue to renew your .uk domain name automatically for two years.

If you wish to renew your .uk domain name for longer you can do so now by using the Renew Domain tool in your DomainsFoundry Dashboard.

Free with every .UK domain name

All DomainsFoundry domain names include free domain extras;

FREE Nameserver & DNS Control
FREE Web & Email Forwarding
FREE Transfers in/away
FREE Domain Locking
FREE Support
NO Hidden Fees
NO Adverts or banners

View all free extras

How do I register my .uk domain name?

Registering a new .uk domain name is easy. Start by searching for a domain name using our free domain checker

Start your domain search here:

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