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About our Affiliate Program

DomainsFoundry affiliate programme is quick to setup, easy to use and 100% free! Our affiliate commissions are some of the highest paying in the UK's web hosting industry.

Our affiliate program is really easy to use and only takes a few seconds to sign up, and start making money.

Example monthly earnings:

Sign-ups Earnings
3 £15
6 £30
10 £45

Key features of our affiliate program

  • Double commission
  • Fast and easy payments.
  • Track performance.
  • Commissions paid Monthly.
  • Unlimited payments.
  • Payments in £ GBP.
  • New Custom voucher codes!
  • Monthly reports.
  • Free to join.
  • New affiliate links.
  • New 120-day cookie-life!

How it works

Earn money by referring your friends to DomainsFoundry. The more friends you refer and order, the more money you make!

Basic Steps

Sign up

It's quick, easy and free.

Refer friends

Share your affiliate link with your friends.

Get paid

We'll pay you for each sale.

Special Offer

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Tracking Sales

Once you have signed up for your DomainsFoundry affiliate account, you'll be given a unique affiliate link that you can place on your website.

When someone clicks on your DomainsFoundry affiliate link they'll be redirected to our website and a small piece of information (called a cookie) is stored in their web browser.

Awarding Commission

The cookie allows us to track and award you with all sales made through your referral link.

When your customer orders with us, our site detects the cookie and uses the information to award the sale to your affiliate account.

The affiliate cookie remains active for 120 days - one of the longest of any affiliate program!

Example affiliate transaction

Fiona is a freelance web designer and photographer.

  • Fiona signs up for her free DomainsFoundry affiliate account.
  • Fiona shares her affiliate link on Twitter.
  • Friends click her link and order.
  • Commission is paid for each sale.
  • She keeps track of her monthly sales.
  • Fiona earns over £1000 in one year!

NEW Affiliate Program

Join our fantastic web hosting affiliate program today and earn 12.5% commission per sale.

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