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All our domain name registrations and domain transfers come with a virtual goody-bag of essentials including free domain and email forwarding, easy control panel and advanced tools like DNS control.

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What's included with my domain?

  • Easy domain setup. No technical skills required
  • FREE WHOIS Domain Privacy. Keep your personal details hidden
  • Premium DNS Hosting with free DNS updates
  • FREE Web Forwarding tools to redirect your domain to any website
  • Unlimited professional email aliases (like to forward email
  • FREE domain locking available on select domains. Stops domain theft
  • Easy to use control panel control all aspects of your domain whenever you like
  • FREE UK domain transfers in to DomainsFoundry
  • No WHOIS editing fees. Make as many changes as you wish without any fees
  • 24/7 Realtime-monitoring to make sure your domain is online
  • Technical Support - get help from our in-house team of domain experts

Why do you need a domain?

Domains create an instant touchpoint for your brand and company. Having a domain makes it easier for your customers to find you, contact you and ultimately for you and your company to sell more products and services.

What is a domain name?

Domain names are the memorable, easy-to-spell address you use to find websites online. It's the part you type into your web browser's address bar and also the part after the @ sign when you send emails. For example, our domain name is

Example Domain Name in Safari

Why do I need a domain name?

Registering your own domain name makes it possible for your customers to find your business online. It's a great marketing tool as you can register domain names in your company, product or service name.

How do I register my domain name?

Registering a domain with DomainsFoundry is easy. To get started simply enter a domain, or a few keywords into the form below. Then click 'Search'. We'll check if your domain is available and offer alternative domains.

What can I do with my domain?

Once you've registered a domain name you can login to DomainsFoundry and setup your domain to loads of cool things. Here's a few examples of how other DomainsFoundry members use their domains;

  • Host your own website

    Link your domain name to your web space or web hosting.

  • Register your business name

    Boost customer trust and give yourself a more professional image.

  • Improve your SEO

    Register a domain name and improve chances of ranking #1 in the major search engines.

  • Setup your own online-store

    Boost sales with your shop's own memorable domain name.

  • Personal Email Address

    Use your domain name to send and receive personalised email.

  • Host your own blog

    Share ideas with your own personal blog using your domain name.

  • Link to Social Networks

    Use free web forwarding to pair your domain with Facebook or Twitter.

  • Resell your domain

    With no transfer fees or charges it's easy and free to sell your domain

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Domain Name FAQ

Should I register a domain name for my new business idea?
Yes. To protect your awesome new idea, we recommend registering your domain names before someone else does. Try our free domain checker to see if your idea is free.
Is there a limit to the number of domain names I can register?
No. There is no limit to the number of domains you can own at any time.
Can I register a domain name for someone else?
Yes. You can enter their name as the registered owner when you sign up online.
Do I own my domain name for life?
Your new domain name is yours for as long as you choose to renew it.
How do I know if my domain name is available?
Use our free domain name checker to check your domain availability. If our domain checker shows a green tick, it means your domain is available for registration.
What can I do if my domain is taken?
if your domain name is already registered you could try registering an alternative domain extension such as, .net, .biz. Try searching variations of your name and hyphens. Also checkout the domain names suggested by our free checker.
What characters are allowed in a domain name?
Your domain name can use letters (abc), numbers (123), and dashes/hyphens (---). You can't use spaces ( ) and your domain name can't start or end with a dash (-).
How much does it cost to register a domain name?
Domains prices vary depending on which domain name extension you are registering and the length of registration, with discounts for longer registrations See our domain name prices chart for latest prices.
How can I keep my domain registration details secure?
Your domain name registration is submitted over a secure form which scrambles your personal details.
What do I get with my domain name registration?
Your domain name registration fee includes the use of your domain name for the registration term, use of our DomainsFoundry DNS services, control panel, free customer support, email/web forwarding, domain locking and lot's more.
Can I transfer my domain name to you?
Yes, certainly! We offer free transfers and it's very easy to transfer a domain to us and start using our free features.
Once my domain name is registered to me, can anyone else take it?
Your domain name is registered in your name. For as long as you pay all subscription fees, keep your login details safe, and don't break any laws no one will be able to register your domain name or use your domain name without your consent.
Can I transfer my domain name to you?
Yes, certainly! We offer free transfers and it's very easy to transfer a domain to us and start using our free features.
How do I keep my registration private?
You can hide your personal details by selecting WHOIS Domain Privacy at time of signup. WHOIS Domain Privacy hides your personal or business details from the WHOIS database protecting you from spam and scammers.
Is my domain name registered in my name?
Yes. By default your domain will be registered in your name. Using our control panel you can update, modify and add ownership, technical and billing contacts for your domain names at anytime.
What happens if I don't renew my domain name?
Your domain name will expire and released back into the market be available to register again.
How will I know when my domain name is up for renewal?
We send you an automated renewal reminder 30, 60 and 90 days before your domain renewal date. You can also login at anytime to your domain control panel and view all the expiry dates for each of your domains.
What if I've misspelled my domain name?
Check and double check your domain name before clicking checkout. Once you purchase your domain, your order cannot be refunded as domain registration fees are non-refundable.
What is a TLD?
TLD sounds for Top Level Domain. It is the suffix at the end of the domain name. For example,, .com and .eu are TLDs. A full list of TLDs that are available to register can be found on our domain checker.
How do I register a domain name?
Just go to our domain checker and start searching for your perfect domain.
How long does it take to register a domain name?
Once your order is approved your domain name will be registered instantly.
How will I know when my domain name has been registered?
We'll send you an email confirmation once your domain name registration has completed successfully. You can also login to your account and view your domain name details under the domain management control panel.
How can I check the domain registration information?
You can login to your account and view your the domain registration details for any of your domain names.