Spring 2013 has (finally) sprung! Grab your virtual duster and follow our 7 productivity tips to spring clean your way to a faster, more secure and better Domains Foundry mailbox.

1. Empty your trash folder

Just like the junk in your attic, old deleted emails take up your valuable mailbox storage. Free up space by removing your deleted emails from your Trash, Deleted Items and Deleted Messages folders. See How do I empty my Web Mail trash folder?

2. Clean out your junk/ spam folder

Spam, spam, spam. We hate it as much as you do. If you’ve enabled your spam filter in your DomainsFoundry control panel, your mailbox will already be protected from spam. Any messages marked as spam will have been moved into a folder called ‘spam’. To rid your mailbox from this filthy quagmire of ‘enlargement’ *cough* emails,  ‘give us your bank account details’, offers of ‘new wives’ and so forth you simply need to empty your spam folder. If you’re accessing your email using DomainsFoundry Webmail see, How-to Empty your webmail junk folder.

3. Delete emails you no longer need

If you’re anything like me, your mailbox will be cluttered with emails going back years. Do I really need the picture of my friends dog wearing a santa hat? If you’re looking for mailbox-bliss, check out Inbox Zero. Inbox zero is a technique of managing your mailbox to cut down the number of emails in your inbox, reduce the time you spend and improve your productivity.

Spring clean your mailbox - change your email passwords

4. Delete unused email accounts, forwarders and aliases

One awesome feature about DomainsFoundry web hosting and email plans is it’s super-easy to add extra mailboxes, email aliases and email forwarders. The downside, is it’s also super-easy to end up having a handful of unused, but active email accounts. This is not only a pain when managing your email accounts, but is also a veritable honeypot to a would-be hacker or spammer. Login to your DomainsFoundry hosting control panel and review your email accounts and email forwarders. Remove any email addresses and email forwarders you no longer use. This will save you space and increase the security of your account. Importantly. Deleting email accounts can not be undone. So make sure you’re 100% sure the email account is no longer needed before clicking that delete button!

5. Unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists

Take a quick glance at your email and see how many emails you receive every day that are newsletters, reminders, limited offers, alerts from every website you’ve ever signed up to. These emails aren’t spam but aren’t emails you want either. There’s a new nickname, ‘bacn‘ for these types of emails. Take a moment, work through the emails and click the unsubscribe links at the bottom of the emails you do not want to receive again in the future.

6. Update your email password

What’s brilliant about DomainsFoundry email is that it includes a number of security features that run 24/7 to keep your email addresses safe and secure. On top of this we always recommend regularly changing your email password as it helps to massively reduce the chance that your email account is hacked. See How-to change my email password for step-by-step instructions to update your DomainsFoundry email password.

7. Enable your spam filter

Are you receiving unwanted spam messages for dubious miracle drugs, questionable rolex watches or offers of new brides? Then stop this spam from filling up your inbox today by enabling your spam filter included free with every DomainsFoundry email address. It’s super simple to enable your spam filter and start blocking spam email from your inbox just see How to use SpamAssassin

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