Matt Cutts, Google’s webspam head-honcho, has released an interesting new video about using country code top level domain names (ccTLDs) and how Google interprets whether to target local traffic to the domain or treat it globally.

The main point Matt makes is Google tends to reserve ccTLDs for the country they represent.

Some ccTLDs are specific, such as when Google visits a .uk domain name it will assume the website is aimed at the UK and so include it in searches.

So for example if you register a .uk domain name it’s best to use your .UK domain for a website aimed at a UK-based audience.

The same reasoning applies to .ru domain names (Russia), (New Zealand) and (Australia)

Matt does point out Google acknowledges that some country code domain names are globally targeted. For example .co (Colombia) has global use as shorthand for company, .tv (Tuvalu) is generally used for Television or media sites and .me (Montenegro) is used and marketed for personal websites and email.

Google will include these domain names and other ccTLDs they believe are generic in global Google searches.

So, if you’re thinking of registering a novelty domain then you’ll want to limit it to one of the ccTLDs listed below.

Generic Country Code Top Level Domains

Here is a list of ccTLDs Google classes as ‘Generic’ as of August, 2013. Referenced from Geotargatable domains – Google Help


What are your thoughts or experiences on using ccTLDs generally or as novelty domain names?

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