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Registering a UK domain name can be tricky if you’re not sure where to start or what to look for. Following these easy tips will help you to choose and register a UK domain that stands out from the rest.

1. Try to register your business name or product name

Registering a UK domain name that exactly matches your business or product prevents someone else registering it later instead of you.

2. Buy a domain to market your brand, product or service

When you’re searching for your UK domain names try thinking of the market you are aiming at. Registering a domain name that describes your unique selling point or the problem your product or service solves can help to bring traffic to your domain.

3. Check if your UK domain name is available

Use our free domain name checker to search for your UK domain names. It will show you instantly what UK domain names are available to register and will also give you ideas for other domain names based around your search term in the ‘Synonyms’ section.

4. Choose whether to register, or

The most common UK domain name is and we recommend trying to register this first as it’s the UK domain for companies. If you’re a non-profit or charity then consider registering as it’s designed for non-commercial use. Finally individuals can register domains.

5. Register your domain name as soon as possible

According to Nominet, 172,000 new UK domain names are registered each month. That’s a rate of nearly four new domain names per minute. If you’ve found a UK domain name you want, don’t wait, register it before someone else does.

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