When you try and run a CGI script with a *.cgi extension (i.e., test.cgi) in your  cgi-bin directory on a Windows Hosting account, the script won’t run.


This solution requires Root Access. If you’re on a shared Windows hosting account please raise a Support Ticket quoting this error.

1. Start IIS manager console.
2. Expand Web Sites item in tree view
3. Select web site which you want to associate cgi extension with Perl, right click on it and choose Properties.
4. Click Home Directory -> Configuration -> Mappings, select .pl extension, click on Edit button
5. Copy text in edit box “Executable” to clipboard and click Cancel button.
6. You are on a mapping dialog now (p.4). Click on ‘Add..’ button.
7. Paste from clipboard text to editbox “Executable”. Write “.cgi” without quotes in Extension text box. Click Ok button.