You are responsible for backing up your data stored on DomainsFoundry servers.

We do create backups of our shared web hosting and it maybe possible to restore your website from these. However, this is not a procedure you should rely on to keep your content safe. Our backups are not a substitute to keeping your own regular backups.

Our shared-hosting and reseller hosting backups are taken once, on the first Sunday of every Month.

We have built our backup system to be fast, reliable and extremely secure. Data is stored off-site in DomainsFoundry Backup, our cloud backup service powered by a leading online storage web partner. All data moved between DomainsFoundry and DomainsFoundry Backup is protected by SSL encryption meaning your data is secure. DomainsFoundry Backup uses thousands of servers located in the US and Europe meaning there is no single point of failure.

If you ask us to restore your account from our backups there is a small, one-off restore fee of £30 exc. Vat / $45 inc Tax.

It’s possible to restore your account for free by uploading your own backups using the restore tool in our control panel.

If your shared web hosting account exceeds 2GB of web space it is excluded from our automatic off-site backups. However we will continue to backup any databases and your data will continue to be mirrored to a secondary disk using RAID. Again, whilst RAID reduces the chance of total data-loss, you must still create your own backups as required.

We do not backup or restore accounts that have been suspended or terminated. If your account is suspended backups cease and are deleted on the next Sunday. It’s therefore very important you ensure your site is kept online and you take your own regular backups.

Our free backup service is provided to you as a courtesy. Whilst we check our backups frequently, we do not make any guarantees that we can restore your data.

You can make your own free backups of up to 4GB using the backup tool in your DomainsFoundry control panel.

We do not take backups of our VPS or Dedicated servers. You can partition space on your hard drive for backups, purchase a new hard drive or use DomainsFoundry Backup, our cloud backup service.