WHOIS opt-out enables you to remove your registrant name and address for your .uk domain name from the public WHOIS database.

WHOIS opt-out is an option on some .uk domain names registered with DomainsFoundry.

WHOIS opt-out frequently asked questions

What domain names can use the UK WHOIS opt-out?

WHOIS opt-out is available on .co.uk, .org.uk, .net.uk and .me.uk domain names.

What requirements are there to use the WHOIS opt-out?

WHOIS Opt-out can only be used on .uk domains where the registrant type is set as UK Individual.

Your domain name must not be used for any commercial activity. It must not be linked with any business, trade or profession. This includes the display of any pay-per-click advertising on the domain name.

What’s hidden from the WHOIS database when I opt-out is used?

The registrant name and the registrant’s address is removed from the public WHOIS listing for your .uk domain name.