A domain registrant is the person or business who wants to register a domain from a registrar.

When you register a domain name you become the owner of the domain name for the time period the domain is registered for.

For example, if you register a .com domain name for 5 years then you will be the registrant for 5 years.

Before the end of the registration period you are given the chance to renew your domain registration. Renewing will let you continue to be the registered owner of the domain name.

If you decide that you do not want to renew your domain name then your domain will expire and then be removed from the registry to become available again for anyone to register.

With some domain names you may find that you need to prove that you are eligible to be the registrant of the domain name. These checks are normally automatic and carried out when you register your domain name.

For example if you register a .CA domain name you will need to enter a Canadian postal address for the domain registrant.

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