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Uptime Checker FAQ

How do I test if my website is up or down?
Enter your domain name in the form above and click, or tap “Check”. We’ll instantly test your site’s status and tell you if your site is up or down.

How does your website checker work?
Our uptime checker works by simulating a visitor to your site and comparing the HTTP status code returned by your web server.

How clever is this tool?
Our status checker is more accurate than a simple server ‘ping’, as a ping only checks if a server is online. Often a server can be online but the web server may be offline. This is particularly useful for a web server hosting multiple websites, such as a shared-hosting environment.

What about 301 redirects?
Our checker follow any domain redirects. For example may redirect to

How’s this different to just using my web browser?
Our site monitor works independently of your own Internet connection making it a great tool for diagnosing problems with your computer, network or ISP.

How do you know if my site is online?
If your web server responds with a 200 (HTTP) response status code, then your website has responded properly and your website is up and online.