Giving access to your DomainsFoundry web hosting plan to your web developer or website designer is really easy.

Your web development agency may be encouraging you to move your website to their own web hosting. On the face of it this may sound like a good idea. However there are many advantages of keeping your website on your own web hosting plan:

  • Retain full control of your website files.
  • Save time by not having to swap web hosts every time you swap web agencies.
  • Our web hosting plans have been built with web developers in mind, with support for latest web hosting technologies including WordPress, PHP and MySQL.
  • Direct access to our expert technical and customer support teams.

Provide complete access to your DomainsFoundry Hosting cPanel

You can provide complete access to your cPanel account to your developer by giving them your cPanel username and password. Your web developer will then be able to change and control every part of your web hosting account, including using our 1-click installer, creating databases and setting up SFTP and SSH access.

To find your cPanel username and password:

  1. Log in to your DomainsFoundry Dashboard.
  2. Click Products/Services > Select your website hosting plan
  3. Under Control Panel click Show username & password

You can also Change your cPanel Password

The web address your developer should use to login to is – replacing with your own domain.

Your web developer can use the same cPanel username and password to log in to FTP.

We recommend you change your cPanel Password after your developer has completed their work for security.

Limited Access (FTP and MySQL)

If you’d prefer to provide limited access to your web developer then you can provide an FTP account and database access. This is the minimum required for your web developer to create, develop or upload your website.

  1. Create a new FTP account with access to your website files. See How-to add extra FTP Accounts
  2. Provide access to your MySQL databases by installing phpMyAdmin on a sub-domain or subfolder using DomainsFoundry App Installer.
  3. Create a MySQL database, database user and password

You can then provide the FTP details and MySQL database details to your web developer.