Learn how to quickly publish your website to DomainsFoundry using FTP and RapidWeaver

How to upload your site

  1. Click ‘Publish’ in the menubar.
    Click Publish in RapidWeaver
    Click Publish in RapidWeaver
  2. Fill in your FTP details for your DomainsFoundry web hosting.
    Enter FTP settings in RapidWeaver
    Enter FTP settings in RapidWeaver
    • Enter:

    • The server address as ftp.yourdomainname.com.
    • Your FTP username.
    • Your FTP password.
    • ‘Directory/Path’ as ‘/public_html/’ – Note that this must be entered to publish your website.
  3. Click ‘Publish’ to make RapidWeaver upload your website.
  4. When the upload completes, open Safari and goto http://www.yourdomainname.co.uk to view your website online