We have carefully migrated your website data. If you find any problems please first check the following:

  1. Your computer might be looking at the old server. To fix this, clear your DNS cache. If this does not fix your problems, your ISP is caching an old record. Large ISP’s can take u 72+ hours to refresh their DNS servers. To fix this, change to a free DNS service like [[OpenDNS and Google Public DNS]].
  2. If your site’s feedback form uses CDOSYS or Mailenable MEMail you’ll need to change them to use CDOSYS.
  3. Update any absolute path references.
  4. Use your Control Panel to reset any custom folder permissions.

Can I upload the existing webstats from my old hosting?
It’s not possible to import historical log or reporting data into the new hosting platform. This is because the data is incompatible with the new reporting software.