If you’re seeing errors in Mozilla Thunderbird after the upgrade check the following;

  1. Your computer might be looking at the old server. To fix this, clear your DNS cache. If this does not fix your problems, your ISP is caching an old record. Large ISP’s can take u 72+ hours to refresh their DNS servers. To fix this, change to a free DNS service like [[OpenDNS and Google Public DNS]].
  2. Check your mail settings are correct in Thunderbird 3:
    1. From the menubar, click Tools > Account Settings
    2. Select ‘Server Settings‘ under your email account on the left.
    3. Check the Server Name is ‘mail.mydomain.com
    4. Check the port is 143
    5. Check that the username is your email address. For example, john@mydomain.com
    6. Connection security is set to None
    7. Select ‘Outgoing Server (SMTP)’ from the left
    8. Select your DomainsFoundry outgoing mail server and click ‘Edit…
    9. Check the Server Name is ‘mail.mydomain.com’
    10. Port is 25
    11. Under Security and Authentication
      • Username should be your email address: For example, john@mydomain.com
      • Use secure authentication – unchecked
      • Connection security set to NONE
      • Click OK.
  3. If you continue to have problems please open a new support ticket detailing the problem.