If you’re seeing errors in Microsoft Outlook 2007 after the upgrade check the following;

  1. Your computer might be looking at the old server. To fix this, clear your DNS cache. If this does not fix your problems, your ISP is caching an old record. Large ISP’s can take 72+ hours to refresh their DNS servers. To fix this, change to a free DNS service like [[OpenDNS and Google Public DNS]].
  2. Check your mail settings are correct in Outlook 2007 [[How-to check your incoming and outgoing settings]].
  3. If you are using IMAP then you will need to set your folder prefix. See [[How to set IMAP Prefix in Outlook 2007]]
  4. Check email authentication is enabled. [[How-to enable SMTP Authentication]]
  5. Try changing your sending port: [[How to change SMTP port number]]

If you continue to have problems please open a new support ticket detailing the problem.