This article describes how you can quickly and easily setup your iPhone, iPad and Mac computer using our automatic email configuration.

How-to auto setup iPhone and iPad

You can use these steps to setup a DomainsFoundry email account on your iPhone or iPad. Make sure you have your email account password available as you’ll be asked to enter this during setup.

  1. Log in to cPanel on the device you wish to setup your email account.
  2. Tap Email Accounts.
  3. In the Email Account section, find the email address you wish to setup on your iOS device and tap the Set Up Mail Client.
  4. Under the Auto Configuration Scripts list, find iOS for iPhone/iPad/iPod and MacOS®® for Mountain Lion (10.8+) and tap IMAP over SSL/TLS.
  5. Tap the Proceed button.
  6. Tap Install at the top Right
  7. A warning will appear. Tap Install to continue.
  8. Tap Install
  9. Enter your DomainsFoundry email account password.
  10. Tap Done.

Your iOS device is now configured to access your DomainsFoundry email account. Open the Mail App on your iPhone/iPad to start sending and receiving email.