Learn how to search email using the search box and how to refine your search results using search modifiers.


  1. Click the search box
  2. Enter a word or phrase.

    Search box
    Entering the search term 'hello'
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Web Mail now searches your current email folder.
  5. If there are matching emails, you’ll see ‘message(s) found’ and they’ll be displayed in your message list.

    'Message Found' Message
    If messages match your search they'll be shown in your message list

Using Search Modifiers

Entering a search string Web Mail will search in subject headers only.

Specific searching is available. Just precede the word you want to search with one of the following keywords;

  1. subject:
  2. to:
  3. from:
  4. cc:
  5. body:

For example. If you wanted to search all emails from ‘rich’ you would enter ‘from:rich‘.

Advanced Searching
Advanced Searching

You can also tell Web Mail to search specific columns using the Search Modifiers drop-down menu.

Search Modifiers drop-down Menu


To clear your search and reset your mail folder ready for a new search follow these steps;

  • Click the ‘Reset Search‘ icon in the search box.

    Reset Search
    Click 'Reset Search' to clear your search and reset your mail folder
  • Or, highlight your search, and press the Delete key on your keyboard.