1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Click Setup Ruby App
  3. If you already have a Ruby app, click Create Application so the Setup new application screen appears.
  4. Fill in the fields for your Ruby App.
    • Select a Ruby version.
    • Choose your App directory where you will install the app
    • Choose your domain and URI where your App will be accessible. E.g. example.com/rubyapp
  5. Click Setup
  6. After your Ruby app has been created will be taken to an overview screen. Please note the Command for entering to virtual environment
  7. From your cPanel home screen open Terminal
  8. Enter the virtual environment command line. E.g. source /home/example/rubyvenv/rubyapp/2.4/bin/activate
  9. Then change directory to your Ruby App directory. E.g. cd rubyapp
  10. A basic basic Ruby “Hello World” script will be loaded by default. Using terminal you can use gem commands to install the frameworks and edit your config.ru to configure your Ruby app