This article describes the differences between using POP3 or IMAP to connect to your email account.


POP (Post Office Protocol) is the most stable and fastest method of accessing your emails. When using POP your email is downloaded from the server to your local machine, removing the copy from our mail servers. POP is great when you are only using one computer to access your emails


IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is the best way to access your emails from a multiple computers, laptops, iPhones or BlackBerrys. Instead of downloading, your E-mails are stored on our mail servers so your E-mail travels with you and is always available since it’s not stored locally on any particular PC.

IMAP allows you to view just the subject of your e-mail messages and decide whether you want to download them. So there is no need to download an entire email, saving you time and bandwidth.

IMAP is slower than POP and we recommend that you regularly delete old emails from your inbox and folders