If you wish to transfer your .UK domain to DomainsFoundry please request your current registrar changes your domain’s IPS tag to DOMAINSFOUNDRY. Once your IPS Tag has been changed please place your domain transfer order.

IPS Tags are exclusive to UK domain names (.co.uk, .uk, .org.uk and .me.uk). The IPS tag controls who your domain is registered with. Each IPS tag is unique.

The IPS TAG you need to use when transferring your .uk domain names to us:


Once you’ve updated your domain name’s IPS Tag, please place your transfer order with us. We’ll process your order and accept your IPS Tag change.

Once we’ve accepted your domain IPS tag change your domain will be transferred to our IPS tag. Once we’ve received your domain, we’ll set your domain status to Active in your DomainsFoundry Dashboard and send an email notification confirming your UK domain has successfully transferred to us.