Your contact emailed you, but their message never arrives in your Inbox.


You have not received an email from an email address. Otherwise, your mailbox is working as normal.


There are a number of reasons why messages may not arrive in your inbox. Like traditional post, email relies on all parts of the delivery network working together. If the sender’s mail servers are temporally offline, or not configured to resend emails often it will result in a delay. Sometimes it’s can be as simple as a typo in an email address.

If our systems were unable to accept delivery of the email, we will have emailed them a non-delivery report (NDR) detailing why their message has been rejected, along with an error code.



First, please allow at least 72 hours for the message to arrive. After 72 hours, check if the following apply;

  1. Check you have not exceed your mailbox size quota. Typically 250Mb per mailbox. If you’re exceeding your mailbox size your message will not be delivered to your mailbox. Solve this by deleting email, or alternatively upgrading your mailbox quota. Please contact DomainsFoundry Sales for prices.
  2. The email may have been moved to your Spam, Trash and Junk folders as a result of automatic spam filtering or filters that you’ve set up on your mailbox.
  3. If you’ve enabled email forwarding on your mailbox, check the forwarding email account.
  4. If you check email from more than one device, check that a device has not already downloaded the email.
  5. If more than one user connects to your mailbox, check they haven’t deleted it.
  6. Is your contact using the correct email address? Sometimes it’s as simple as a typo.
  7. Your contact’s email is rejected as they’re trying to send email from an ISP blacklisted for sending spam email. Ask them to contact their ISP to be removed from the public database.


If possible, prompt your contact to resend the email. If after 72 hours it does not arrive, please raise a new support ticket detailing the following:

  • your email address
  • the contact’s email address
  • the time-stamp when the email was sent
  • a copy of the NDR receipt. Your contact can send the NDR to us at

Please allow 3 working days for our engineers to search for the message delivery attempt in our logs. Whilst we’ll do our best to help you diagnose the problem, we receive hundreds-of-thousands of emails every minute so it can take a while to find a single record in our email logs. If the message was not delivered to our servers, we will not have any records in our logs.