File manager lets you upload, download and manage your files in your DomainsFoundry web space using just your web browser.

How-to access cPanel File Manager

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Click File Manager

What directory should I choose?

  • To see all your files choose Home Directory.
  • To view your website files choose Web Root.

How do I upload a file in File Manager?

  • Open File Manager
  • Go to the directory where you want to upload your file.
  • Click or tap Upload.
  • Click or tap Browse or Choose File.
  • Select your file.
  • A progress bar will appear showing your upload progress.

What is the maximum file size I can upload in File Manager?

You can upload files up to 100MB in size in DomainsFoundry cPanel File Manager.

How can I delete a file in File Manager?

  • Select your file.
  • Click or tap Delete.

How can I unzip or extract an archive in File Manager?

  • Select your archive file.
  • Click or tap Extract.
  • Choose where you want to extract the files to.
  • Click or tap Extract File(s).

What archive types can I extract or create in File Manager?

.zip, .gz, .bz2