This article describes how-to setup Microsoft Outlook Express 5 for Mac to send & receive email using POP3 and your DomainsFoundry Hosted email address.

Before you start checklist

Have the following details ready before you start:

  • Your domain name
  • Your email address
  • Your email password

For help on creating your email addresses in your control panel see this article:

Configuring Outlook Express 5 for Mac

  1. Open Outlook Express 5. Click on Tools and then Accounts.
  2. Click New, and then click Mail.
  3. The Account Setup Assistant will open. Click Configure accountmanually.
  4. Choose Pop for account type, the click OK.
  5. In the Edit window, on the Account Settings tab enter your Account name as your full email address (e.g.
  6. Enter your name and full email address.Under Receiving Mail enter your Account ID as your full email address.
  7. Enter the POP mail server as, replacing ‘’ with the domain of your hosting account. Ensure the box Save password box is ticked and enter your password as you have specified in your Personal control panel.
  8. Under Sending Mail enter your SMTP Server as, replacing ‘’ with the domain of your hosting account.
  9. Click the Click here for advanced sending options button located below the SMTP server field.
  10. A new window will open. Tick the box that states SMTP server requires authentication. Then tick Log on using, and put your full email address in the Account ID field, and your password in the Password field.
  11. Click OK, and follow the prompts to return to Outlook.
  12. Outlook is now ready to send & receive email.