In this tutorial we explain how-to log into your WordPress Dashboard admin area after installing WordPress on your DomainsFoundry Web hosting package.

What is the WordPress Dashboard?

WordPress dashboard is the control centre for any website which uses WordPress. The dashboard is where you can write new blog posts, edit existing pages, upload images, change themes and install new plugins.

How-to log into your WordPress Dashboard steps

  1. Access WordPress Dashboard by adding /wp-admin to the end of your website domain.
    For example;
  2. how to log into your wordpress dashboard wp-admin link

    Note: If you installed WordPress in a folder, such as, blog, then you can reach your WordPress admin dashboard by adding /wp-admin/to the folder. For example;

  3. Enter your WordPress username and password and click login.
  4. how to log into your wordpress dashboard username password

    Note: Your WordPress username and password were set when you installed WordPress. The login may be different from your DomainsFoundry Dashboard, email or cPanel details. If you installed WordPress using our 1-click Installer then may have a copy of the username and password in your email inbox.

I can’t log into my WordPress dashboard

Username or password is incorrect

Username or password is incorrect. This error appears when either your username or password is entered incorrectly. It’s a common issue and we recommend the following:

  • Double check you have caps-lock off. Passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Reset your WordPress password by following the steps in this article.