This guide explains how-to renew a domain registered with DomainsFoundry.

DomainsFoundry will automatically email you domain renewal notices before the date your domain name is due for renewal. These emails are a friendly reminder and also give you the chance to renew your DomainsFoundry domain ahead of the renewal date.

Domain Renewal Email Notices

Days till Domain Renew Date Domain Renewal Notice
90 days First Domain Renewal Notice
60 days Second Domain Renewal Notice
30 days Third Domain Renewal Notice
14 days Fourth Domain Renewal Notice
7 days Fifth Domain Renewal Notice

Auto Renew Domain

Auto Domain Renew - DomainsFoundry

With auto renew enabled DomainsFoundry will automatically create a new invoice in your DomainsFoundry Dashboard and send an email to you 30 days before your domain is due for renewal.

The invoice will renew your domain for the same period as your last domain renewal or original domain registration. If you’d like to renew your domain for longer or shorter then simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Once you have made your payment your domain will be renewed and a domain renewal confirmation will be emailed to you.

Manually Renew a Domain

Click this link to renew a domain with DomainsFoundry.