General Tips

  • Delete old emails from your Inbox, Sent Items, Trash, Junk.
  • Delete emails you’ve replied to or won’t look at again. You’ll be surprised how much time you save!
  • Setup your PC/Mac to use POP3 to download emails, instead of IMAP or web mail.
  • Use the advanced POP3 features to keep recent emails online, but download the rest. This keeps recent emails to hand.
  • If you’ve enabled email forwarding, uncheck the option save copies of forwarded emails.
  • If you’re using IMAP. Use your app’s advanced features to disable saving sent, draft and deleted messages on your mail server.
  • Setup extra mailboxes to share your email across multiple mailboxes. For example, sales emails can go to, eBay emails to Contact us to upgrade to extra mailboxes.

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