Find answers to all your questions about WordPress including how to install WordPress, adding WordPress themes and plugins, plus WordPress troubleshooting.

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General WordPress FAQ

What is WordPress?
WordPress is a free, open source blogging and content management system (CMS) powered by PHP and MySQL.

What is a blog?
A blog is a website that allow you to post topical news and comment. For example we use our blog to announce company news, special offers, and anything else we think our readers will find interesting.

What is a content management system (CMS)?
Any software application that is used to create and manage information. Using WordPress you can create, edit and delete blog posts, web pages, images and more. Mkaing WordPress a true CMS.

What’s the difference between and is the free version of WordPress which you can download and install on your DomainsFoundry web hosting account. is a hosting service provided by the team behind WordPress. This version of WordPress is hosted and managed by Free and paid-for version of the service are available. As the service is hosted on Automatic’s servers, some features of WordPress are disabled.

What is a Self-Hosted WordPress?
A self-hosted WordPress is used to describe the free version of WordPress available at that you have downloaded and installed on your own web hosting account. installed on a user’s own web space.

Do I need to know how to code to use WordPress?
No. With WordPress you can easily create a very professional looking website without needing to know how to code.

Can I install WordPress on my DomainsFoundry account?
Yes. All you need is PHP (standard on all our web hosting plans) and a spare MySQL database. All DomainsFoundry Linux shared hosting and Windows shared hosting servers meet WordPress’ server requirements.

How do I design my website?
WordPress includes a default theme which you can customise using your admin areas of your WordPress site.

Can I install extra WordPress themes?
Yes. WordPress has a built-in theme manager where you can browse and download free themes.

Do DomainsFoundry servers support WordPress?

What are WordPress Plugins?
A WordPress Plugin is a package of code that extends WordPress functionality. For example, you can install a WordPress plugin to promote your website in Google, and create contact forms.

Do you backup my WordPress site?
We do take our own backups of your data, but you still need to take your own backups. We recommend WP-DB-Backup, and WP-DBManager.

How do I install WordPress?
For help installing WordPress see Installing WordPress. If you have a question about installing WordPress try searching the WordPress Installation forum.

Can you help me upgrade my WordPress?
Yes. Please contact us and ask us about our WordPress Update service.

Can I contact you regarding my WordPress problem?
Yes. Our tech team are server experts, so we can’t help with editing your site, but will be able to point you in the right direction. We also have our own in-house WordPress experts who will be happy to provide you with a free no-obligation quote. Please ask for details.

I have forgotten my WordPress password. Can you email it to me?
WordPress scrambles all password using encryption making it impossible for us to view your WordPress login details. To recover your password use the WordDPress Password tool. See Resetting Your Password.

Advanced WordPress FAQ

Can I build and upload my own WordPress theme?
Yes, certainly!

My Media Library is empty after upgrading my WordPress. How can I fix this?
Try Add From Server plugin.

A WordPress plugin I have installed has broken my site. Can you fix it for me?
If you’re having problems with a WordPress plugin you can contact the plugin author for help. Most authors have a website or emails address you can request help from. You may also find an answer to your question on the Forum.

How much memory/RAM can my WordPress site use?
All DomainsFoundry shared-hosting accounts include generous memory/RAM to host your WordPress websites;

PlanTotal Memory/RAM (Megabytes/ MB)
Linux/cPanel Shared-Hosting64MB
Windows Shared-Hosting16MB
Linux/cPanel Reseller-Hosting64MB
Windows Reseller-Hosting16MB
Virtual Private Servers (VPS)See PHP limit
Dedicated ServersSee PHP limit

My WordPress site has run out of memory. Can I upgrade?
Yes. If you require more than 64 megabytes RAM you can upgrade to a Virtual Private Servers (VPS/VDS).

Why is my WordPress theme not displaying properly?
We cannot provide help with WordPress themes. Contact your theme developer for assistance.

Why is my WordPress site slow?
There could be many reasons. Sometimes a badly written plugin. Too many plugins. Poorly coded theme, or your WordPress site could be so popular you’ve out grown your shared-hosting plan. It might be time you upgraded to a VPS.

Can I build and upload my own WordPress theme?
Yes, certainly!

WordPress Multisite/ Network (WPMU) Questions

Why is my “mu-plugins” folder missing after upgrading to WordPress 3.0?
WordPress 3.0 no longer creates this folder automatically. To fix, just create the “my-plugins” directory yourself using FTP, or the file manager in your DomainsFoundry control panel.

Can I change the default theme for WordPress Multisite?
It is possible to change the default theme that your WordPress Multisite auto-selects for new WordPress sites. Open your wp-config.php and add the following code;

/** Define default theme used for new Network sites **/
define( 'WP_DEFAULT_THEME', 'your-theme-folder-name');

Swap your-theme-folder-name to your themes folder name.

If you are using a child-theme you might need to also define the location of your parent theme. Add this extra code to your wp-config.php;

/** Define path to parent theme **/
define( 'TEMPLATEPATH', '/path-to-your-parent-theme-folder');

Swap path-to-your-parent-theme-folder to the path name to your parent folder.

Getting Help

Do you offer technical support for my WordPress site?
Yes. We can help you setup your web hosting account so you can run your new WordPress site. We also have in-house WordPress experts who can assist with any non-hosting related tasks. Please ask for prices.

Does my hosting subscription cover web design and coding for my WordPress site?
No. Please enquire about our WordPress web design services.

My WordPress site has stopped working. Can you help?
Yes, please contact us and request your free no-obligation quote from our web design team.

Can I get WordPress help for free?
Yes. If you’re unable to find an answer on our knowledge base, try WordPress – Docs, WordPress – Troubleshooting</a, WordPress Support Forum, or try a Google search.

If you’re still stuck please feel free to open a support ticket and we’ll do our very best to help.

Search for an answer on the WordPress Support Forum. There’s a good chance someone else has had a similar problem.