Softaculous – more fantastic than Fantastico?

Our Linux shared hosting servers come with Softaculous a far better script library than Fantastico.

How Softaculous compare to Fantastico?

Softaculous does everything Fantastico does, and then some…

  • Double the number for apps/scripts. Over 100+
  • 2x faster then Fantastico.
  • 1-click installs – rather than Fantastico’s 3-clicks..
  • View ratings for each app.
  • Demo an app before installing.
  • Faster updates. scripts are updated weeks before Fantastico.
  • Choose from e-commerce shops, blogs, CMS, forums, wikis, online galleries.
  • Supports WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and more.
  • Works perfectly with your DomainsFoundry account.

How do I buy Softaculous?

Softaculous is available on our Linux shared hosting servers as standard. We can also install Softaculous on your DomainsFoundry VPS or dedicated as a paid-for upgrade. Please contact us for details.

Will Softaculous work on my Windows server?

Softaculous is not available on our Windows shared hosting, Windows VPS or Windows Dedicated solutions. If you’re on a Windows shared web host and would like to use Softaculous you can upgrade your account to a shared Linux hosting plan or purchase an additional Linux plan to use alongside your Windows hosting plan.