No — although please do not think we’re not eager to help you! We’d love to answer any questions you may have about DomainsFoundry or your DomainsFoundry services.

We know not having a phone number may seem a bit strange, but we’ve experimented with various ways of providing support and found over email and our support ticket service to be most effective.

Online support is faster, easier, let’s us keep our prices low whilst offering high-quality services and gives all-round better customer-service. Theres also no nasty things like expensive phone bills due to premium rate support calls and boring waits on the phone whilst you wait to be moved up the queue. Life’s too short.

Instead we promise to answer your emails and tickets quickly, in plain-English, free of unnecessary jargon and aim to resolve any issue in one reply.

With this in mind we offer many ways of contacting DomainsFoundry for technical assistance and obtaining information on the status of your service:

  1. Help & Support website.
  2. Email
  3. Support Ticket
  4. Service Status site.
  5. RSS Feed
  6. Twitter