Dedicated IPs

A dedicated IP address allows you to host your own Private SSL certificate and are available as an add-on to any of our shared web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. Our VPS and dedicated solutions also include IP addresses. The number of IPs will depend on your VPS or Dedicated plan.

It is also possible to purchase a private SSL certificate and IP address together and save money on the two.

IPs & SSL Certficates

If you wish to secure your website using your own private SSL certificate you will need to have your own IP address. Otherwise, its not possible to link the certificate to your domain name.


You can only have one dedicated IP address per shared web hosting account. The dedicated IP address can only be installed on your primary domain name.

There are no limits to the number of IP addresses that can be added to our dedicated server solutions.


Please checkout our pricelist for latest prices and offers. Our Professional Shared Hosting Plan includes a dedicated IP address as standard.