Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates are included with DomainsFoundry Web Hosting packages. The certificates are automatically created and installed when your account is created or when you add extra domains and subdomains to your web hosting account.

You can quickly and easily check if your SSL is installed correctly using the methods below.

Check your website in your web browser

Open your web browser and enter https://example.com in the address bar replacing example.com with your domain

If you see a padlock then your Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate has been installed.

If you see a warning message or a not secure label then your Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is not installed.

Steps to check Let’s Encrypt SSL Status in cPanel

  1. Log in to cPanel
  2. Click SSL/TLS Status
  3. The SSL certificate status is shown for all your domains.
    • AutoSSL Domain Validated: An SSL certificate has been successfully installed.
    • An error occurred the last time AutoSSL ran: There was an error and an SSL certificate is not installed.