Magento Hosting

You can install your Magento online shop on any DomainsFoundry Linux shared web hosting account which supports PHP and MySQL.

Screen grab of Magento Demo Shop
Screen grab of Magento Demo Shop

The following accounts will run Magento;

  • Shared Linux Home
  • Shared Linux Business
  • Shared Linux Professional


Magento is a demanding shopping cart software. The size, complexity and popularity of your shop determines how much CPU and memory your e-commerce site uses. As your online business grows, you’ll need to think about upgrading your hosting to keep it inline with the demand for your products and services. In doing so you’ll ensure your site runs smoothly, giving your customers the perfect online shopping experience.

The following factors can effect the amount of memory and CPU your Magento store will use:

  1. Complexity of your Magento theme or template.
  2. The type and number of plugins you’ve installed.
  3. Number of visitors active on your shop at any one time.
  4. Number of products in your catalog.
  5. Location of your shoppers.
  6. Type of browser and speed of Internet connection your customer uses to view your shop.

As with all good web hosts, DomainsFoundry limit the amount of memory and CPU to prevent abuse of our servers and provide fair and reliable web hosting to all DomainsFoundry members.


It’s very important that you match your Magento shop with a suitable hosting solution.

We only recommend using our Shared Linux Home and Shared Business Plans for developing your new Magento store. We do not recommend using these plans for live sites as you’ll quickly exceed the memory allowances after a few hundred customers.

Our Shared Linux Professional plan gives you a great hosting platform to launch your live Magento store. The Shared Linux Professional includes extra CPU and memory allowances allowing you to run a busy e-commerce site.

Upgrading your Home or Business plan to a Shared Linux Professional can be ordered at anytime using Dashboard.

For best performance you should consider upgrading to one of our Linux VPS or Linux dedicated servers.

For testing and development Magento runs fine on our Home and Business shared hosting plans however we do not recommend using these account on a live-Magento site as you will quickly exceed your account’s CPU and memory allowances.

For a live Magento site we recommend using our Professional shared hosting plan.

Magento is not supported on our Windows shared hosting or Windows VPS hosting plans.