A backup is a copy of your data. With a backup copy it is possible for you to restore your data in the event that the original is lost or corrupted.

How backups work

When a backup is taken it contains a copy of the data at the time the backup was taken. This means that you can also use a backup to recover your data from an earlier point in time.

Disaster recovery

Regular backups taken monthly, weekly or daily should be part of your disaster recovery plan to cover data loss or data corruption in the event of a hardware failure, software failure or due to malicious activity such as hacking.

What can be backed up?

Backups can be taken for the following data on your DomainsFoundry web hosting account:

  • Website Files
  • Emails
  • Address Book Contacts
  • Databases
  • Email Forwarders

How can I take a backup?

You can take backups of your DomainsFoundry account data by following the articles listed under our backup tag.