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Connecting to your account using SSH gives you secure control over your account and allows you to execute direct commands. In this article we’ll explain how you can connect to your web hosting via SSH using PuTTY, an SSH terminal for Windows. We also explain how you can convert your Linux PEM SSH key into PPK which PuTTY can use. Before you start Download and install PuTTY on your PC. 1. Convert your PEM SSH key to a PuTTY .PPK file Open PuTTYgen Click Conversions > Import key Select your PEM SSH Key. Change the Key comment to a more

Step by step instructions to enable SSH access in cPanel, generate an SSH key, download the private key and authorize the public SSH key.

If your WordPress site is hosted with another host then it’s possible to transfer your WordPress site. Use the steps below to migrate your WordPress files and database to your new WordPress hosting. Transfer your WordPress Files Use your old web host’s control panel to create a .ZIP archive of all your website files. Download the .zip file to your PC or Mac. Login to your web hosting control panel and open File Manager. Upload your .zip file to your public_html folder. After it has upload, select your .zip file and click Extract WordPress Database Login to your old web

Force HTTPS Redirection in cPanel lets you quickly and easily redirect your website visitors to the secure, https, version of your website in just one click. Enabling Force HTTPS Redirect will redirect all your domains, including alias and addon domains, which are secured by SSL on your web hosting account to the https version of your website. Please note, we include free SSL certificates powered by Let’s Encrypt for all domains you add to your web hosting packages. Steps to enable Force HTTPS Redirect in cPanel Log in to cPanel. For help accessing your cPanel see Where do I log