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This article explains how to reset your domain’s DNS records to the default settings. Please note; resetting your domain’s DNS will erase all modifications you have made to your DNS records. Log in to your Dashboard Click Domains. Click a domain you wish to manage. From the menu, Click Domain Tools > DNS Management Click the setting cog and select Reset Zone Clicl Continue to confirm the DNS zone reset. Your domain name will be instantly reset and updated with your new records. However, please allow 48 hours for your DNS changes to propagate worldwide and DNS caches to clear.

We know spotting a misspelling in a newly registered domain name is frustrating. Unfortunately, we’re unable to change or edit the spelling of a domain name after you’ve registered it. We’ll register your domain name exactly as you enter it during the checkout process, including any misspellings, typos or errors. It’s therefore very important to check your domain name for spelling errors or mistakes, before completing your order. If you have accidentally registered a domain name with a spelling error, you have the option to cancel the domain so that it no longer registered to you. Please note, cancelling a

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