• This offer is open to all new and existing customers of DomainsFoundry who wish to register a UK domain (.co.uk, .uk, .me.uk or .org.uk domain name).
  • Use of the offer entitles a customers to a discounted, £0.01 first year registration of a UK domain when registering the UK domain for two (2) or more years. All prices exclude VAT.
  • At the end of the promotion registration period the domain renewal will be charged at our standard renewal rate.
  • Customers may not use this offer in conjunction with any other promotions offered by DomainsFoundry.
  • This offer does not apply to domain renewals or transfers.
  • This offer expires 23:59 BST on 3rd April 2020
  • DomainsFoundry reserves the right to end this offer, extend this offer and or amend the terms and conditions of this offer at any time without the prior consent of the Customer. Reasonable usage applies.
  • This offer is subject to DomainsFoundry general Terms and Conditions and Domain Name Registrant Agreement
  • If you purchase your domain using our promotion, and choose to transfer your domain away from DomainsFoundry you will be required to pay a release fee (also known as IPS TAG change fee) of £9.99+vat. This term will elapse when you renew your domain(s).
  • The above provisions apply on purchase only.

Applicable Dates

This offer applies to you if you purchase a UK domain between the following dates:

Start Date End Date
7th March 2020 3rd April 2020