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.ru is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) domain name for the Russian Federation. .ru domain names have been available for registration since 1994.

There are no restrictions on who can register .ru domains which means anyone from around the World can register a .ru domain name.

A lot of international businesses have registered .ru domain names over the past few years as a way to profit from Russia's growing economy.

It's common for UK, European business owners to register their .ru domain name as part of their standard domain portfolio.

With the booming Russian economy, and large availability of domains, .ru domain names are ideal for any business wishing to own the Russian version of their domain name.

The growing interest in .ru domains, offers huge potential for Domainers wishing to grow, and profit from an international portfolio.

With the increasing interest in .ru and the open availability, we strongly recommend registering the .ru equivalent of your domain name today to prevent a third-party registering your domain in the future.

Register .ru domain names from just £12.00 per year. All .ru domain name registrations include FREE domains extras worth £19!


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.ru facts

Domain suffix .ru
Type Country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Russian Federation.
Country Russian Federation
Registration requirements None
Transfer-in Yes
Usage General use. Commercial or non-commercial websites.
Minimum registration 1 year
Maximum registration 1 year
Domain Privacy No
Registry RU-CENTER
Registration time frame 1 to 24 hours
Our price £12.00 per year

.ru prices

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1 Year£12.00

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.ru FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about .ru domain names.

Who uses .ru domains?
.ru domains are registered by businesses and individuals in Russia.
Are there any restrictions on who can register .ru domains?
No, anyone can register .ru domains, including UK individuals and UK business.
Do I need to enter any details during registration?

Yes. When you register a .ru domain name with DomainsFoundry, you'll need to supply us with some basic info;

For Businesses
  • Legal Address, including country of incorporation
  • Full Company Name
For Russian Incorporated Businesses
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (code)
  • Territory-linked Taxpayer Number (kpp)
For Individuals
  • Registrant's Name (preferably in Russian)
  • Passport number, country of issue and issue date
  • Birth Date in DD.MM.YYYY format

If you’re unsure if you qualify for a .ru registration please contact us.

Can I transfer my .ru to DomainsFoundry?
What are the benefits of registering .ru domain names?
  • Ideal for individuals and businesses trading in Russia.
  • Open registrations makes .ru perfect for international businesses and individuals.
  • Profit from Russia's goring economy - with a GDP of $1.8 trillion and growing the Russian economy offers huge potential for UK businesses wishing to grow their market. By registering your .ru domain name today you'll be in a great position to profit from the Russian boom.
  • .ru domains names are perfect for selling to Russia. They'll also help improve your chances of being ranked in local search engines like Google Russia
  • Free domain extras worth £19/yr included with every .ru domain name.
What is the minimum registration term for .ru?
1 year.
What is the maximum registration term for .ru?
1 year.
Is WHOIS Privacy Protection available on .ru domains?
How long have .ru domains been available?
.ru domain names have been available for registration since 1994.
Who can register .ru domain names?
Anyone can register .ru domain names, including UK individuals and UK business.
How long does it take to register an .ru domain name?
It normally takes about 24 hours for a new .ru domain name to be fully registered and active. If there's any delay during the registration we'll let you know.
How long does it take to transfer my .ru domain name?
We recommend allowing between 2-7 working days to transfer your .ru domain name to DomainsFoundry.
When transferring my .ru domain to DomainsFoundry, will my DNS records (A, MX etc.) also be transferred?

When you transfer your domain name to DomainsFoundry, your domain's name servers (ns1, ns2 etc) will not change. If your previous name servers are still active, your DNS records will work as normal.

If you wish you can can switch your name servers to our super-fast name servers. You'll be able to change your name servers and configure DNS records using our DomainsFoundry control panel.

When transferring my .ru to DomainsFoundry do I have to ask my existing .ru to do anything?
If you already have a 'NIC-D' number (a sort of 'pin' number for your domain name) you won't need anything from your old .ru host.
Can I register an .ru domain name but have the owner/contact details registered to my company, client, friend or family member?
Yes. You can enter the contact details for the person you wish to register the .ru to during checkout.
Can a UK company register an .ru?
Yes. Anyone can register .ru domain names, including UK individuals and UK businesses and organisations.
How do I add admin, billing and technical info to my .ru domain name?
Russian .ru domains only have registrant information and do not have separate admin, billing or technical info. You can enter the registrant information during checkout.
Why do I need to enter my Passport details? (personal registrations)
RU Center, the Russian Internet registry for .ru domains names requires us to submit your Passport details at time of registration. This is to prevent misuse of .ru domain names. Your Passport details are only used to register your .ru and and are removed from our servers once your .ru domain name has been successfully registered.
Can I buy an .ru domain name for personal use if I do not have a Passport?
No. If you know someone who does have a Passport you could register your .ru domain in their name.
Is a Passport required if I register my .ru domain to my business?
No. A Passport is only required for personal .ru registrations.
Are you a British registrar?
Yes, we are a British based, English speaking registrar of .ru domain names.
Will I own my .ru domain name?
Yes, we register all .ru domains in your name. You are listed as the registrant.
Why is a date of birth (dob) required when registering an .ru domain for personal use?
For personal registrations RU Center, the Russian Internet registry for .ru domains names requires us to submit your date of birth at time of registration. Your date of birth is only used to register your .ru application and is removed from our servers after successful registration.

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If you have questions about registering, transferring, or renewing .ru domain names .ru domain name please drop us an email at or tweet @domainsfoundry.

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