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How do I know if I’m eligible for a free .UK domain?

Find out if you can register a free .UK domain

There are a few key requirements you need to have to take advantage of our a free .uk domain for 1 year offer.

1. You must already own a UK family domain name - that's a, or domain name.

2. You must have registered your existing UK family domain before 28th October 2013.

To find out if you're eligible to register your free .uk domain name simply enter your preferred .uk domain name in Nominet's Rights Lookup Tool.

To use the tool. Enter the .uk domain you wish to register with DomainsFoundry, e.g. and click Lookup. On the next screen, you'll see the lookup results. If the result shows "Domain name:, Right of registration:", this means that the registrant of has rights to the domain

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How To Order Your FREE .UK Domain

Get your reserver .UK domain FREE* if you register it between 10th November 2015 and 7th January 2016


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Search for your equivalent .UK domain and select 1 year registration. You must already own a, or domain and have rights to the .uk domain.



Follow the steps to complete your FREE .UK domain purchase.



We'll register your reserved .UK domain and notify you by email when your domain is ready to use.

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Free 1 year domain for existing rights holders, worth £4.99

All domains include full domain management, complete name server control and free support.

Please note: If you do not renew your domain you will lose the right of first refusal. Any domain not renewed will no longer carry your right of first refusal

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Why choose to register your reserved .uk domain name?

.UK brings all the same benefits of trust, reliability and credibility as the, and other members of the UK domain family.


It’s a shorter UK focused web domain for businesses and individuals.

It brings the UK domain space in line with the more familiar international format of other shorter country codes like .de and .fr

More Memorable

.uk is easier to remember and firmly states where you are and who your audience is.

Being shorter the .uk domain lends itself well to social media channels such as Twitter where every character counts.

More Profitable

A .uk domain puts the emphasis firmly on your brand – exactly where it should be, to help you reach a wider audience and increase sales.

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Why choose DomainsFoundry?

DomainsFoundry offers fast, simple, and hassle-free .UK domain registration without any catches.

Nominet Accredited

Every .uk registered with DomainsFoundry comes with the extra protection of registering with a Nominet Accredited Registrar.

Trusted UK Company

We’re an independent, UK Limited Company founded in 2004 and helped register .UK domains for over 11 years.

Free Customer Support

Our friendly team of UK based support staff are here to help you get the most from your .UK domain.

Secure Ordering

Safely buy your domains knowing your personal details are protected and will not be passed on.

Free Control Panel

Manage every aspect of your domain names with our easy to use control panel.

No Hidden Charges

No hidden charges. No transfer-away fees. Clear prices for renewals.

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About .UK

Over 10.5 million .uk domain names and counting

The domain name is the most popular domain in the UK. It's popular with UK individuals, UK companies and international businesses.

The registration rules for domains are relaxed, meaning any individual or business can register a domain name.

As of August 2015, over 10.5 million .uk domain names have been registered, making .uk the fifth most popular top-level domain worldwide (after .com, .de and .net). domain names are perfect for selling and marketing to the UK as you will increase your chances of being ranked highly in local search engines like Google UK

Every domain registered or transferred with DomainsFoundry comes with the extra protection of registering with a Nominet Accredited Registrar.

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