What is the Shellshock bash bug and read about the steps we’ve taken to keep your DomainsFoundry services safe and secure.

You may have seen a news article about a new security bug called “Shellshock”. This bug was found in a key app, Bash, which is found on all Linux servers domain registrars like DomainsFoundry use.

After learning about this bug, we immediately took action and we’re happy to confirm that all DomainsFoundry services are not vulnerable to Shellshock.

Steps we’ve taken to protect against Shellshock

Here are the steps we’ve taken in response to the Shellshock bug:

  1. Quickly patched the Shellshock bug by deploying latest bash updates across all DomainsFoundry servers.
  2. Provided extra support staff to deal with any customer enquiries.
  3. Performed a fast roll-out of updates within hours of security alert. (Fixes were in place as of 18:00 BST on Thursday, September 25th).

If you have any questions about this security update please email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

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