To celebrate the launch of our new festive-themed domain offers, we’re kicking off our Annual Best Mince Pie Awards 2012.

Each year we brave the chilly December weather and fill our baskets with the finest mince pies on offer from the leading UK supermarkets. Our simple objective (apart from eating some tasty mince pies) is to award the winner of our highly acclaimed Best Mince Pie Award 2012.

This week it’s the turn of Sainsbury’s 6 Deep Mince Pies.


£1.65 for 6 mince pies, or £2 for 12 mince pies (Special offer).

What we like

Appearance wise we really like the decoration on the top of the pie.

The pastry is nice and thick. We were also impressed with the flavour of the mince. Sainsbury’s have clearly followed the Ronseal approach and ensured their pies do exactly what they say on the tin. So you’ll find a very generous, (or should that be ‘deep’) amount of mince filling in each pie.

We also like the price. A special offer of 2 boxes for £2.00 represents exceedingly good value.

What we don’t like

The pastry top was a bit on the dry side. We also found mince seeping through the base of the pie after the box had been open for a couple of days. That said, the mince pies taste so good it’s unlikely they’ll be sat around for long.

Official DomainsFoundry Pie Rating

We’ve decided to award Sainsbury’s 6 Deep Mince Pies a pie-tastic 6 out of 10

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Coming Soon Page displayed on Macbook Air

Advice and tips from Matt Cutts on how to create a holding page or coming soon page that Google will crawl and index in it’s search results.

Matt Cutts, current head of Webspam at Google, has recently offered some great advice for creating a holding page or ‘coming soon’ page that will get indexed by Google.

Matt’s advise is to add a two or three paragraphs of content to your holding page, rather than just a stock image (like above) and one line of text.

The extra content will separate your holding page from the rest and will mean Google indexes your website faster when it’s live.

You can add a web hosting and a holding page to any DomainsFoundry domain name from just £1.49 per month.

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RU Domain Name Registration Growth - November 2012

.RU domain names grew to over 4.1 million total domain registrations in November according to the Coordination Center for TLD RU.

We’ve crunched the numbers here at DomainsFoundry and the stats show a 1.5% increase in .ru registrations since October 2012.

Year-on-year growth is very strong, with a 15.7% increase in the total number of .RU domain names registered since November 2011.

With continued growth in the Russian economy and Sochi just around the corner, we think registrations of .RU domain names will continue to pick up pace.

Registering and transferring .ru domain names with DomainsFoundry is easy. For more information about .ru domain names including latest prices, info and .ru faq see our register .ru page.

If you have questions about registering or transferring .ru domain names, please drop us an email at or tweets us @domainsfoundry.

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cPanel 11.34 Released

Easily control your web hosting account through your browser. cPanel is the best control panel available and the benchmark for web hosts. All DomainsFoundry web hosting plans include cPanel.

Key benefits from cPanel/WHM version 11.34

  • Brand new and easier user WHM interface for Resellers
  • Web Disk updated to support Windows 7/8 and Mac 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • Auto email configuration for the latest email apps
  • Brand new email archiving features. Easily store emails quickly without clogging up your Inbox

Our server guys are carefully testing the update and once we are happy that it’s working perfectly we’ll announce the upgrade date for all DomainsFoundry web hosting plans on our blog, twitter and facebook page.

We’re excited by the new features in cPanel 11.34 and we’re already working to get these to you as soon as possible.

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.COM.RU Domain Names Coming Soon

We’re excited to announce that soon you will be able to register .COM.RU domain names with DomainsFoundry.

Transfer Your .COM.RU Domain to DomainsFoundry

If you already have a COM.RU domain name you’ll also be able to transfer your domain name into your DomainsFoundry account.

Cheap .COM.RU Domains

Prices for COM.RU domain name registration and domain transfers will be announced in the next couple of weeks.

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Apple Media Invite

Read about our five most popular rumours for the next generation Apple iPhone 5.

Apple have sent out invites for their big media event at 10am September 12th, San Francisco. Apple rumour sites like MacRumors speculate Apple will use this event to launch their new, next generation Apple iPhone 5.

With just 7 days to go we thought it is great time to crunch through all the Apple iPhone 5 rumours and choose our top five.

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