On behalf of all the team at DomainsFoundry, thank you for your business in 2015 and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We hope 2015 has been an equally outstanding year for you and we hope 2016 will be even more prosperous.

Looking back at 2015 it’s been a busy year for DomainsFoundry…

Highlights include DomainsFoundry becoming a full Nominet Accredited Channel Partner. Celebrating DomainsFoundry’s 7th Birthday, and the launch of 84 brand new gTLDs.

During 2015 the DomainsFoundry team worked their way through two coffee machines, 30 kg of coffee beans and 100 mince pies – a company record.

We’ve got more exciting domains releases and new domain services planned for 2016 so watch this space.

As ever, if you need help with your DomainsFoundry services our support team is open throughout Christmas…

Day Sales & Billing Support
Christmas Eve 9am – 2pm Open
Christmas Day Closed Open
Boxing Day Closed Open
27 – 28 December Closed Open
29 – 30 December 9am – 4pm Open
New Year’s Eve 9am – 12pm Open
New Year’s Day Closed Open
2nd January 9am – 6pm Open

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year from all of us at DomainsFoundry.

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Free .UK Domain Names at DomainsFoundry

Get a FREE* .uk domain name for 1 year when you register your .uk domain with DomainsFoundry. Hurry offers ends 7th Jan 2016.

If you own a .­co.­uk, .­me.­uk or .­org.­uk registered before 28th October 2013, you can now register your reserved .UK domain with DomainsFoundry absolutely free* for 1 year – worth £4.99.

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Sign post showing many name places

Seven simple tips to make choosing a domain name easy

Registering the right domain name is key to the online success of your business. Follow these seven simple tips for registering domain names that will make your business stand out.

  1. Register short domain names

    The shorter your domain, the greater the chance your visitors and customers will remember your domain name.

    The maximum domain name length that can be registered is 64 characters.

  2. Ask your friends what domain name you should register

    When you’re trying out ideas and keywords, keep a shortlist of domain names and ask your friends and family for advice on what domains they think work best.

    People are registering domains all the time so to avoid disappointment don’t wait too long!

  3. Consider how your domain name will look in lowercase

    Domain names are always registered in lowercase and can only contain letters, numbers, and dashes. They can’t contain characters like &%$£@!.

    If your business name includes a symbol such as “&”, try swapping it with a hyphen “-” or “and”. For example Acme & Sons could become, or simply

    If you use the Free DomainsFoundry domain name checker you do not need to worry about what characters are allowed. Our domain checker automatically removes any disallowed characters as you search!

  4. Register more than one domain

    It’s strongly recommended to register multiple domain names of the similar name to protect your online brand. So if you have “”, and “”, or “” are free – register them now as if you don’t someone else might!

    If you’re not sure if similar domains are available, enter your existing domain into our free domain name checker and it will search all available domain names.
    You do not need individual web sites for each domain name. If you register your domain names through DomainsFoundry, you can use our free DNS hosting and free web forwarding service to point your domains through to the same web page.

  5. Consider Keyword Domain Names

    If you’re registering a new domain name to target a specific market you should consider a domain name that contains a keyword specific to your audience.

    For example our domain, includes the keyword “domain”. Google’s Matt Cutts recently played down the importance of keyword domains in SEO so we’ll let you decide which approach is best.

    Of course, the best of both worlds is to register domains for both your company brand and separate domains for your SEO needs. How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?

  6. Avoid Bad Keyword Combinations

    Occasionally when an innocent string of words are combined in a domain name they can take on whole different meaning!

    For example, Speed of Art in domain form becomes So check and double check your domain ideas to save yourself from embarrassment.

  7. Avoid using Trademarked Brands in your domain name

    In the past, people would register domain names and then offer the domain name to the person or company who owns a trademark at an inflated price. This practice is known as cybersquatting

    Unless you feel like a legal fight, we recommend avoiding domain names that contain trademarked brand names.

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Cheapest .ru domain names only £11.99

It now just costs £11.99 per year to register .ru domain names with DomainsFoundry. With such cheap .ru domain names we’re wondering if we’re now the UK’s cheapest for .RU domain registrations?

Register your .RU domain names with DomainsFoundry for just £11.99 per year!

We’ve sent our Marketing guys out with fresh clip-boards and sharp pencils and told them to make sure we offer the best price for Russian .RU domain registrations.

The results are in and I’m pleased to say we offer the cheapest .RU domains in the UK!

.RU domain prices

TLD Price
.RU £11.99 Start your .ru domain search
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Register a .UK domain name and get a second .UK domain name free with our buy one .UK, get one .UK free offer to celebrate 30 years of .UK domain names.

This year marks the 30th birthday of the .UK domain name. To celebrate this milestone, we’re running a special buy one .UK, get one .UK free offer where you can register any .UK domain name and get a second .UK domain name free.

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A big thank you to everyone who took advantage of our recent .UK for £1 offer which closed on Friday 31st July 2015. The offer was to celebrate .uk’s first birthday and was a brilliant success.

Whilst this offer has now ended, the good news is you can still register a .UK domain from only £2.99 per year, or transfer your .UK in for free and renew at our awesome, low prices for UK domain registrations!

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New changes mean .EU domain names will expire on the same day and month you registered your domain.

If you own a .eu domain name then the way your .eu domain renews is changing. Following changes made by EURid, the European registry for .eu domains, from today, 3rd August 2015, .eu domains will expire on the same day and month your domain was originally registered on.

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