cPanel 56 Web Hosting at DomainsFoundry

We’re pleased to announce cPanel 56 has been rolled out across all our servers and is now available on all DomainsFoundry web hosting packages.

cPanel 56: Site Publisher Feature

The biggest new feature is Site Publisher. A tool which makes setting up a website on your domain incredibly easy. It’s as simple as selecting the website design you’d like, entering a few details and then clicking Publish.

Site Publisher cPanel 56 Web Hosting

We’re pleased to confirm Site Publisher is active and ready for you to use on your DomainsFoundry web hosting.

If you are not a DomainsFoundry customer and you’re looking for fast, UK-based web hosting with the latest cPanel then check out our range of web hosting.

We are a UK-based limited company with over 12 years experience of hosting 1000s of businesses worldwide and an Accredited Nominet Partner, so you’re in safe hands.

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