This week we take DomainsFoundry Email for test-flight with Airmail App, a new email client for Apple OS X.

We’ve heard a lot of good things about Airmail, so we were keen to give it an official spin with DomainsFoundry email and see if it offers an alternative to Apple Mail.

First launch of Airmail takes us straight to the account setup screen. It’s super easy and we simply enter our name, DomainsFoundry email address and password and all our settings are automatically found and setup.

In just a few seconds we’re taken straight into Airmail’s sleek email interface and can immediately start viewing email that’s flown into our inbox.

The layout is beautifully simple. with our email folders shown in the left navigation bar, inbox in the centre and email view on the right.

We quickly tested sending and receiving by composing a few emails with and without attachments. Sending worked perfectly with our DomainsFoundry email address. We also noticed email sending with large attachments was quick and appeared to be faster than Apple Mail.

Contrary to some reports we experienced no delays or issues receiving email using Airmail. All emails were delivered promptly to our mailbox.

If you’re like us and you’ve got 5-6 email accounts you need to regularly check then the good news is we noticed Airmail was far faster than Apple mail when switching between accounts. We didn’t notice the slight lag Apple Mail suffers from on even the best Retina Macbook Pro.

Overall we think Airmail is a very promising app and at the moment, the best alternative to Apple Mail.

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