Apple Media Invite

Read about our five most popular rumours for the next generation Apple iPhone 5.

Apple have sent out invites for their big media event at 10am September 12th, San Francisco. Apple rumour sites like MacRumors speculate Apple will use this event to launch their new, next generation Apple iPhone 5.

With just 7 days to go we thought it is great time to crunch through all the Apple iPhone 5 rumours and choose our top five.

Apple iPhone 5 will have a bigger, 4″ screen

The hottest iPhone 5 rumour is that for the first time the Apple iPhone will have a 4″ screen. The new, taller screen will make the iPhone 5 awesome for watching widescreen movies and playing games.

Image via iLabFactory

New head phones

Also rumoured is Apple will include new headphones for iPhone 5 that will be smaller, more comfortable and be stronger than the old earbuds.

Image via

New mini-dock connector

The iPhone 5 will have a mini-dock connector, which will be smaller than the old Dock Connector found on every iPhone to date. The good news for anyone with iPhone accessories that use the old Dock Connector is that it’s highly likely Apple will also offer an mini-dock adaptor.

Image via

New nano-sim

The iPhone 5 will also have a new nano-SIM card. This new sim card is smaller than the Micro-SIM found in the iPhone 4S.

Image via

New ‘Unibody’ case

With the new, larger screen comes a new case design for the iPhone 5. The latest rumours say that this will be a brand new ‘unibody’ design with a brushed aluminium back replacing the glass found on the iPhone 4S. This new case design will make the iPhone 5 even thinner and stronger than ever before as well as making it look great.

Image via MacRumors

What’s your most popular Apple iPhone 5 rumour? What Apple iPhone 5 feature do you want to see? Leave your comment in the form below – We look forward to hearing what you think!

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